This space has been created to hold information about the roadmap for development in TiddlySpace from the end of 2012 into the beginning of 2013. A roadmap has several purposes:

  • Give some focus to core developers.
  • Highlight where things are going for users and other interested parties.
  • Indicate opportunities for input (in terms of commentary and code) from the community.

Conversation about what the roadmap should be have happened along many lines. There have been two recent mailing list threads

as well as internal discussions within @osmosoft.

These conversations have led to a few themes and directions, listed below with links to more explanation. Inclusion here is not a statement that the work will be done, but that it has been asked for. With luck the list will shrink or at least be ordered as discussion continues.

If you are a developer who is curious about TiddlySpace see the github repo, the google group or visit the #tiddlyspace channel on freenode.

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